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提供 可能的最佳价格 我们已修复 多天 为获得最佳体验而优化的自驱动软件包。我们还提供大量的 day tours 冰岛各地都有租车的人。








Ring Road Self Drive tours

Activities for Self-Drive Day Tours

Drive & Meet Us On Location - For those who have rented a car

South East & Skaftafell Area

Exciting glacier tours in the amazing Skaftafell nature reserve. Take a glacier walk on Europe's largest glacier, explore blue ice caves and more.

South West Iceland & Reykjanes Peninsula

Take a cool stroll on the amazing Solheimajokull Glacier, hike the hills of the sleeping giant known as Fimmvorduhals Volcano or explore the geothermal activity of Reykjanes.

Golden Circle










  • 狭窄通道:当两辆车在狭窄的通道上相遇时,必须格外小心,这通常发生在高地上
  • 盲坡和弯道 应小心接近。有一个标志表明前方有一个盲目的顶峰。
  • 单车道桥梁: 规则是靠近桥的车有优先通行权
  • 碎石路:有一个标志指示铺砌的道路变为砾石。在接近砾石表面前减速。
  • 动物 (绵羊、驯鹿、北极狐和鸟类):永远不要超过限速,疲劳时不要开车。你可以期待绵羊和其他动物在路上随时跳到你前面。有些鸟在靠近地面道路的地方筑巢。通常,路标指示通常发生这种情况的地方。
  • 被太阳遮住眼睛:当太阳很低并在那里停留数小时时,阳光会特别令人烦恼。在冬季的白天和夏季的夜晚,它通常完全位于驾驶员的视线内,可能会使人失明。别忘了你的太阳镜!
  • 冰雪:如果您没有在冰雪上驾驶的经验,那么最好是进行一次小型团队旅行。确保检查天气状况,并在结冰/雪地减速。
  • 被视图分散了注意力: 不要让迷人的风景或北极光分散你的注意力,不要在路边随意停车。找一个合适的休息区,在那里你可以安全停车。

如果您正在寻找 难忘的旅行体验, 去冰岛旅行是 强烈推荐! 沿途的全景 冰岛的 Ring Road 简直就是传奇! 难怪它是 世界上最受欢迎的公路旅行.

你会 驾驶 通过一些 难以置信的风景. 欣赏活火山、蓝色冰川、令人惊叹的瀑布等美景。

探索传说 南海岸, 在那里你会发现冰岛最著名的瀑布和黑色火山海滩。开车绕过大众 Golden Circle 在这里你可以体验到地球不可思议的力量。见证喷发的间歇泉,漫步在大陆之间,参观冰岛最强大的瀑布之一。


Enjoy Freedom and Get the Best Value for Your Money

If you have your own 出租汽车, you have freedom. Spend as much time at any locations as you want, and make extra stops whenever you feel like it. You can head out in the middle of the night for a northern light hunt or to take a walk in the midnight sun.

Be spontaneous and tour Iceland at your own pace without having to share the experience with strangers. Explore the wonders that Iceland has to offer on your own!


Sharing the expenses with your travel buddies will make it the most budget-friendly way to explore Iceland. Why not get the best value for money?

Enrich your self-driven tour in Iceland with exciting activities. Along the way, you will have plenty of opportunities to go on adventure tours or day tours. Whale watching, glacier hiking, snowmobiling, ice caving and more. These tours are always cheaper if you drive to the location by yourself and meet the guides there.

Choose a Self-Drive Tour and Receive Instant Confirmation

Do you have limited time for planning or perhaps you don’t even know where to start? Choose the self-drive package that fits your budget and time frame. Our local professionals have already worked out the logistics so you can get instant confirmation.

We have already taken care of your car rental, the accommodation, and the self-drive tour itinerary. All you have to do is choose your activities.  Book and receive your detailed Guide to Iceland that is based on our local knowledge. We designed it to lead you along the most beautiful places and some lesser-known treasures.

No hidden expenses & no customization!

We've simplified the process to make it clear and easy for you - no complications! We do not allow customizations but in return, you won't get a large bill or any hidden expenses. Your package includes a 出租汽车,住宿,您可以从该地区的活动列表中进行选择。但别担心,行程以及住宿、租车和活动都是由我们的专业旅行专家团队精心挑选的。它包括沿途所有最好的景点、方向和活动。。。交给专家吧!





  • 标准速度限制:
    • 城市和人口密集区内30-50公里/小时(18-31英里/小时)
    • 农村地区碎石/土路时速80公里(49英里/小时)
    • 铺面道路90公里/小时(55英里/小时)
  • 我们在冰岛的道路右侧行驶
  • 当局对酒后驾车者零容忍
  • 驾驶员和所有乘客必须系好安全带
  • 较大的儿童必须系好安全带,较小的儿童和婴儿必须坐在汽车安全座椅上
  • 驾驶时需要全天候前照灯
  • 在道路中间,甚至在道路两侧,用实线或双白线停车被视为违反交通规则
  • 在冰岛,禁止驶离道路或有标记的轨道
  • 法律严格禁止越野驾驶和离开标记的碎石路(F路)


冰岛的道路系统是 易于导航和驾驶. 许多受欢迎的旅游景点 普通车可到达 -当然,这取决于天气条件。

行驶次数最多的道路是1号路,或者通常称之为, 史诗 Ring Road. 它环岛而行,经过全国最著名的旅游景点。全长1332公里(828英里)。

The Ring Road is two lanes in width: one lane going in each direction. Aside from a short stretch of gravel surface in eastern Iceland, the Ring Road is paved for almost all of its length.

The road is maintained year round. Closures can occur due to floods, sandstorms or poor weather conditions anytime, especially in winter. The speed limit is generally 90 km/h.


Petrol Stations

Petrol stations are numerous along the Ring Road. You’ll find at least one in the towns and villages. Most stations accept credit or debit cards.

There are no gas stations in the Highlands. Drivers taking longer journeys, especially in the Highlands, are advised to be adequately prepared

Gravel Roads, F-roads and Offroad

There are specific highlands roads, so-called F-roads which lead to amazing hidden secret places in the Icelandic Highlands. They are also known for the most difficult driving conditions.

The F-roads are closed until the end of June or later, depending on actual weather conditions. The highland roads are not regularly maintained. They have a gravel surface, which is often loose and muddy. Big stones, bumps and potholes can occur on the road and, occasionally, unbridged rivers to cross.


The F-roads and the mountain roads require an experienced driver, appropriate vehicles, slower speed and extra care. F-roads can only be driven by 4-wheel-drive vehicles and it is strongly advised that two or more cars travel together.

F-road is not to be confused with Offroad! F-roads are marked with signs and can be found on maps. Leaving the marked roads - even if it’s a dirt road - is against the law and can be fined up to 5000 USD.  Driving off-road can cause serious damage to Icelandic nature and it can take decades for the vegetation to heal.

How to Dress for a Road Trip

Since you will spend long hours in the car, you need comfortable clothes. Avoid wearing tight items of clothing. Dress for the variable weather conditions and dress in layers. You will need a warm coat in winter or a windstopper softshell jacket in summer.


Make sure the layers are easy to add, adjust or remove when you hop out and back into the car. You will probably stop once or twice every hour and spend at least 30 minutes outside of the car each time, for instance, on your way around the Golden Circle or along the South Coast.

Make sure your boots are comfortable and not too warm for sitting in the car for the whole day. Leather boots are recommended: they are waterproof and warm enough for walking outside. Avoid wearing high-heeled boots or sneakers.

Take a look at our guide on 在冰岛穿什么 with helpful tips for every season.


It is a package tour that includes accommodation, car rental, and suggested itinerary. We provide you with all information to make sure you know where to go and what to see in Iceland along with general practical information about Iceland, as this is a self-guided tour.

Included with our tours are accommodation and car rental, as described for each tour, itinerary with suggested points of interest along the way, GPS points for each stop (accommodation, activities, points of interest), and a detailed self-drive handbook with lots of practical information.

We use a very varied mix of local accommodations.

Comfort rooms are private rooms with private bathroom in guesthouses, hotels, motels, lodges, etc. Approximately 3-star rating.

Budget rooms are private rooms with a shared bathroom at guesthouses, hostels, hotels, etc. Approximately 2-star rating.

During winter months (October-April) we recommend 4WD vehicles but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a jeep, it is safest to drive a vehicle that you are comfortable with so if you’re not used to driving large cars then a smaller, but 4WD might be a better option.